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Alternative fuels, as defined by the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct), include ethanol, natural gas, propane, hydrogen, biodiesel, electricity, methanol, and p-series fuels. Using these alternative fuels in vehicles can generally reduce harmful pollutants and exhaust emissions. Alternative fuels are designed to be cheap,
The Significance and Need of Alternative Automobile Fuels Today. Page 1 of 2. Alternative Automobile FuelsAlternative automobile fuels are very useful in today s society, and they are a very good way of reducing pollution from conventional fuels. Mostly fuels are used in vehicles for transportation purposes. Gasoline
Free alternative fuel vehicles papers, essays, and research papers.
More emphasis should be put on the development of alternative fuel vehicles, because as each year passes our fossil fuel reserves decrease, there are great environmental benefits, and there are great future cost reductions.... [tags: Cars Resources Vehicle Essays] :: 4 Works Cited, 2293 words (6.6 pages), Powerful Essays
Alternative fuels essays When attending school to be certified to fix state emission failures, instructors tell stories about emission subjects. One in particular that ... The instructor showed a paper clipping, from what paper I do not remember, of an older couple who closed the garage door with the car inside. It was a newer
Essay on Alternative Fuels. 1055 Words 5 Pages. Alternative Fuels This day in age, one of the world's main concerns is energy. Currently, we rely on petroleum to run our cars, and household central heat, and electricity in our homes. Petroleum is not only limited, but it is also dirtying up the world's air, and depleting the
Essay about Alternative Fuel Vehicles. 2299 Words 10 Pages. Alternative Fuel Vehicles Slowly but surely our nations natural resources are running out. In the near future our fossil fuels that we use to power our lives will be gone. As the years pass research of alternative fuels is becoming more and more imperative.
Essay about Alternative Fuel Vehicles. 2299 Words | 10 Pages. that achieved twice the fuel economy of conventional gasoline vehicles, with comparable performance, safety, and costs. This goal was reached too. In 2001 the Honda insight was mass produced and sold to the American public as the first hybrid. What are
Free Essay: What is keeping this engine from being mass-produced is the lowness of energy storage that it has. Today's ... This paper will attempt to discuss the many advancements in the field of automobile alternative fuels, reduced and zero emission vehicles, and fuel delivery and ICE modifications producing reduced…
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